Solar Stories

They All Have Their Stories

“I graduated from Volta School of Evangelism in Ghana in September of this year. I am now preaching in Cured Leper’s Village. I am from Togo but came to Ghana due to the civil war. When I arrived in Ho, the capital town of Volta Region, I saw these lepers and decided to stay with them and help them. Brothers from the  Church of Christ met me there and converted me. After graduating from the School of Evangelism I became their preacher. The solar player is one of the best gifts I received. The solar player is helping a lot in preparing my sermons and lessons. The songs empower us and make the worship exciting. I am asked to preach in three congregations and am now helping two brothers to become leaders.”
– Doga Kofi Degbe Peter, Ghana

“The solar player has been a blessing to my life and ministry. It is very useful to me in so many ways. It has become my best library. It helps me to prepare my  Bible lessons for church with understanding. It is now helping me to teach the book of Corinthians, as I am one of the teachers at Volta Bible College. I have 10 preacher students in this class. Thanks and God bless you for our love for God’s work.”
– Bright Agbesi Datsomor, Ghana

“On behalf of the preachers I have distributed the solar players to, I want to say big thank you to brothers and sisters for their generosity… to have solar players  for us. It is indeed a Bible, study courses, or what I called teaching materials and tools. To be honest with you all, I do not remember when I read the entire Bible.  But through the help of the solar player, I am now listening to stories in the entire Bible.”
– Sammy Dzamesi

“Five preachers in Yendi were handed down twenty solar player devices… Most of the devices were given to individual church preachers who regularly preach in  various congregations. The remaining few were given to local congregations and their leaders to facilitate their Bible teaching in the congregations, topical doctrinal  lessons that might be difficult to get printed materials on, and the learning of Christian hymns… A good number of the village church leaders are not highly  educated and lack adequate study material, therefore are now using the device as material for learning and teaching. More congregations need the device and more rural church leaders too need it for effective work in their communities when the preachers are not able to visit them”
– David Dadili Wmbei, Alhassan Yabdow, Neindow Paul Dokurugu, Mush Foschini, & Alhassan Abdulai Andrews in Ghana

“The solar player will make an impact in Ministry mission work by training brethren in every church to become future church leaders.”
– Nathan Tears, Liberia

“The best way solar player can be used to advance the cause of Christ is to give them out to preachers through the Bible colleges and churches to be distributed to committed men and women to learn God’s Word and teach others. We are using the solar player to train preachers, Bible teachers and leaders in our preaching  school. Currently we are training thirty students to become preachers. In the future we envision training over 100 preachers, Bible teachers and leaders in the next five years. The solar player will help untrained preachers in rural and urban areas to learn and teach people. This way many people could help the churches to grow. They could grow in knowledge in doing evangelism. The lessons on how to become a Christian can be played for a non-Christian to listen and become Christians.  This way one can share God’s word with non-Christians without tracts or other evangelism materials.”
– Jacob Dassah, Ghana

“New ways of evangelism can be realized if we get more players to share with non-believers. There will be tremendous spiritual growth.”
– Clide Gwinya, Zimbabwe

Sonlight makes everything grow faster.
In Phase I, the light of the sun spread the Light of the World to Ghana, Liberia and Zimbabwe.
In Phase II , the growth will reach the countries of Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya and Nigeria.
You can help a remote and powerless world grow faster using 2000 hand-held solar-powered audio players with over 400 hours of the entire Bible and Bible teaching, including all 40 Sunset courses, WBS lessons, gospel singing and more.
Conversions are growing.
Christians are growing.
Churches a re growing.
There will be more stories to come!

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