Solar Event in Philippines

The happiest people on the planet

The Philippines have a population of over 105 million people according to the most recent United Nations demographic studies.  Over 50 million Filipinos live with infrequent or limited electricity and some have no access to electricity. This makes it an ideal place to distribute solar powered audio players from Sunset. These players have hundreds of hours of materials from Sunset and other ministries, hymns and the entire audio Bible that Filipinos can use to learn from, teach and use for Bible studies, classes and even worship.

Sunset representatives distribute these players to trusted preachers and church leaders in the country, train them in how to use them, have them fill out a registration card and then turn them loose to evangelize and teach their family, friends and neighbors. These are provided to them free of charge. We depend on Christians and congregations in the United States to provide these players. For $500, a Christian individual or congregation can provide these players to a soul winner in the Philippines. With a battery designed to last for 10-12 years, it is a great investment.  Learn more at here.

The grandmother and granddaughter you see on the calendar represent so many who need to hear the Word of God in the Philippines. Some cannot read the Bible and some do not have electricity. They all have access to the sun and can charge these solar players and listen to the Word of God and biblical teaching.

This plan for teaching the lost of this world has been hugely successful in Africa and Latin America. We are confident that it will be a great blessing to those in Asia as well. Sunset is currently translating materials into languages to be used in China, India, the Middle East, France and more, but in 2018, Solar Phase 4 takes us to the Philippines.

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