Preaching to Change Your World

Change Your World Through Preaching

Preaching is Where We Started

In 1962, Cline Paden and others started a school specifically for the equipping and training of preachers. They saw the need for men that could be rapidly and sufficiently equipped with the Word of God to help train congregations around the world. So a team, not of scholars, but of biblically sound preachers came to inspire thousands of new preachers. They inspired them not only to preach but to go and change the world around them.

Preaching Changed Your World

Preaching is not a means unto itself. It is a call to action. It is a call to change. It is taking the Word of God and pouring it into the hearts of men and women so they aspire to go outside of themselves. The fruit of the preaching and training at Sunset has always been men and women with a heart and a love greater than themselves. They have been called not only to be speakers of the Word, but doers of the Word. Thousands have been trained and inspired by preaching from the Word of God and have applied it to their lives in serving the world. This model of preaching that inspires has been replicated around the world with the same call and the same message to “Go!”

Preaching Changes the World

Sunset has grown in its 55 years from being a first-of-its-kind preacher training classroom to a broader and richer ministry focused on changing the world through not only the preaching of the Word of God but also through the actions driven by hearing the Word of God accurately preached. Every day in chapel when we say, “Preach the Word!”, it is a call and a charge for inspiration, inspiration that will change the world.

Our Alumni change the world. Your preaching and teaching moves people and inspires them to take God’s Word to the people around them. Who do you know that is ready to change the world? Who do you know that is ready to inspire God’s people by what they say and what they do?

Send us anyone ready to change their world.
“Preach the Word!!”