Phase II of the Solar Event


Another Solar Event Has Spread the Sonlight Even Further to Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya and Nigeria


The use of solar technology to reach the most remote people on earth with the Gospel is working. The Kingdom is growing. Reports from the Phase I effort to provide hand-held, solar-powered audio players to multiple African nations are very encouraging. Making new converts, training more leaders, and helping existing congregations grow and mature are just some of the results that have been reported. And now we can do even more.

Many more requests for solar players are pouring in from many more nations.

It's Working in Liberia, Zimbabwe, and Ghana


The solar player helps the Kingdom grow in several ways. The solar player is being used to train even more preachers and leaders in greater depth. Because it is solar powered, portable and includes extensive Bible teaching, the solar player has become the main Bible study resource for many preachers for their own learning and growth. The solar player can teach more local congregations. Since the solar players are totally solar-powered, preachers can leave them with the most remote churches. This accelerates church growth numerically and spiritually far faster than previously, since the church members can listen to the Bible and lessons during the extended periods of time between the preacher’s visits.IT’S EFFICIENTThe solar player can reach people in the most remote areas of the world with God’s Word for a fraction of the previous cost! Each solar player provides loud, clear, portable access to over 400 hours of Biblical instruction: the entire Bible, 40 Sunset courses, WBS lessons, recorded hymns and more. Each unit is designed to last eight to ten years in a remote and rugged environment. Imagine being able to teach the Word in depth anywhere, hours every day, day after day, for years, all for a one-time investment of $500 each.Training is Efficient


There are three unique at tributes about Phase II. First, the Phase II distribution will include the first native language on the solar player – Amharic, which is the main language of Ethiopia. Second, two recent graduates of Sunset will return to their native countries with the Phase II solar-player effort to help evangelize their own nations. David Throatmer, one of the “Lost Boys of Sudan,” will return to South Sudan, and Geoffrey Njoroge will return to Kenya. Third, Sunset will partner with an expanding network of affiliated international schools and other partners in the Gospel in the selected nations which should provide strong bases from which to launch and expand the solar-player effort.At least 774-million adults in the world can’t read or write their own language. But they can hear the Word, understand God ’s truth and respond in faith. For them, faith really does come by hearing. The light of the sun will help spread the Light of the World to thousands, year after year.”The solar player has been a blessing to my life and ministry… It has become my best library. It helps me to prepare my Bible lessons for church with understanding.”
–Bright Agbesi, Datsomor, Ghana”The solar player will make an impact in ministry mission work by training brethren in every church to become future church leaders.”–Nathan Tears, Liberia”I just want to thank you for this. And if we can just have more of these, I tell you, the whole world is going to be won to Christ.”–Matthew Muchingami, Zimbabwe

Help Spread the Sonlight


We are asking you to provide gifts to support the Phase II effort, which will distribute 2,000 hand-held, solar-powered audio players to the African nations of Ethiopia, South Sudan, Kenya and Nigeria. Hundreds of congregations and thousands of individuals nationwide will be a part. Will you be one of them?How many solar players would you like to provide?