Prayers for Ukraine

Global Relief Ministry

The Global Relief Ministry is currently receiving donations to assist in refugee efforts for the churches in Ukraine

Prayers from the church in Sopot, Poland

For 25 years, SIBI has been involved in training preachers and church leaders in the nation of Ukraine, first in Donetsk and more recently in Kyiv. War caused us to move the school in 2014 and now it has forced us to suspend operations once again. Our hearts ache for all of Ukraine and especially for our students, graduates, and brethren there. We pray for them as well as for those who have chosen the path which puts them in the way of harm. Please join us and pray for peace in Ukraine.

With war, come refugees and transplanted training efforts. We at SIBI through our Global Relief Ministry will be receiving money that will be dedicated to helping in these two areas. The needs in the coming days and months are going to be overwhelming, but that must not cause us to look only to the limit of our resources but by faith to see what our God can do with our five loves and two fish. If you wish to join us in this, please see our website for ways to give to SIBI and designate funds in the memo to GRM. Again, pray for peace in Ukraine.

Cover Ukraine with Love

As winter approaches and the war continues, millions of Ukrainians are facing the cold without coats and blankets and possibly without heat. Sunset has arranged to send containers to Ukraine so the churches can help meet the needs around them. In September, SIBI and other partner organizations sent a shipping container filled with almost one million meals. The meals are a dehydrated soup mix that requires only hot water to serve.

In October, SIBI will fill two more containers that are filled with both food and new coats, blankets, sleeping bags, socks and gloves. You can help fund this effort to ensure that SIBI can continue to supply churches and graduates of Ukrainian Bible Institute with the supplies needed to care for the people of Ukraine. On the donation form you can see the items to donate.

Sleeping BagsCoatsGloves

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