Meeting the Ongoing Needs

Though Ukraine is beginning to fade from the headlines, the war continues. God’s people are still working and committed to bringing hope and light to a world shattered by war.

­Brothers from Poznyaki with the van to deliver aid into Ukraine


­SIBI recently took an opportunity to fund an ambitious effort of the Poznyaki and Sopot congregations. After working through many governmental forms and attaining special permission, men from the Poznyaki congregation will be driving a large cargo van into Poland. At a warehouse just inside the border they will fill the van with supplies placed there by the Sopot congregation. The men will bring the van back into Ukraine and unload the supplies into smaller vehicles for distribution around the country. Please pray for this first delivery that it may go without incident. The plan is to do weekly deliveries like this from Sopot into Ukraine.­

Line of cars to enter Ukraine from Poland  ­

­The needs are growing in Ukraine. As the war has receded from Kyiv and Kharkiv, refugees have been returning. Though they are coming to rebuild their lives, the needs are many. Lack of money and lack of supplies put many in need. Christians like the Poznyaki congregation and the Volunteer Brothers see the needs around them and with your support are meeting those needs and sharing the Gospel. As the war began most orphanages were evacuated to safety, but many nursing homes were not. The need for personal care items for the elderly is one of the many necessities that these groups provide. They also are seeking to provide for smaller villages that do not have the attention of larger aid organizations.

Future Plans

­Recently, SIBI sent two representatives to visit the churches in Europe that were providing for refugees, Richard Baggett and Brandon Price. The purpose was to form long-term plans to supply these churches that have generously opened their buildings and homes to their Ukrainian brothers and sisters in Christ. Many of their travels were reported in the Christian Chronicle as Erik Tryggestad traveled with these men. In the coming reports, we will give more information on how the funds raised are going to assist these churches.

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