Youth Minister

Charlotte Heights Church of Christ, Nashville

Job Title: Youth Minister

Reports To: Elders

Job Summary:

The Youth Minister is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing a consistent, dynamic, well-balanced program for the youth of Charlotte Heights. This program should be based on Biblically sound doctrine and provide activities designed to assist the youth in becoming mature, faithful, and active adult members of the Lord’s church. It should also foster healthy social interaction among the youth with one another and with other members of the congregation. The Youth Minister is primarily responsible for developing and leading the activities of youth ages 7th through 12th grades. In addition, he will also play a leading role in guiding and working with parents and other church volunteers to develop a successful program for ages 6th grade and down.


Unless otherwise noted, the terms “Youth” and “Youth Group” below refer to the youth ages 7th to 12th grades.

I. Activities
• Plan and implement regular, age-appropriate activities for the Youth Group that will encourage and stimulate interest of the youth while relating Christian faith and values. These activities include but are not limited to:
o Activities that promote spiritual and social growth, fun, and fellowship.
o Frequent Bible studies and devotionals.
o Family-oriented activities.
o Service projects.
o Outreach activities.
o Training activities.
o Yearly retreats.
o Mission trips.
o Youth rallies.
• Assist with coordination (Family Minister) and participate in the Summer Church Camp. This coordination may involve assisting Youth Leaders from other congregations who are tasked with planning and conducting the camp. Or, it may involve taking a leading role in this process.
• Be actively involved in the coordination of the annual Vacation Bible School by working with the VBS director and overseeing Youth Group involvement in VBS.
• Coordinate the announcement of all Youth Group activities to the congregation and provide necessary updates to include in the weekly bulletin and on the church website.
• Plan and implement an annual Graduation Recognition Event for youth who are graduating from High School.
• Plan and provide for the safety of all youth and volunteers at all activities.
• Coordinate transportation to and from Youth Group activities, as needed.
• Provide a preliminary plan of Youth Group activities for the upcoming year before the end of November.
• Play a leading role in guiding and working with parents and other church volunteers to develop a successful program for ages 6th grade and down

II. Encouragement & Support
• Be a Christian example to the youth.
• Develop a process of giving positive reinforcement to the youth.
• Create an atmosphere within the Youth Program that causes the youth to want to be involved.
• Coordinate personal outreach to the youth and their families in times of need.
• Be involved in the lives of the youth outside of the traditional church setting. This would include supporting them in their school and extracurricular activities.
• Encourage the youth to discover and embrace the personal talents that God has given them so that they might use these talents in His service.
• Provide opportunities for and encourage Parent/Adult involvement in the entire Youth Program.
• Contact/visit families with Youth Group aged children who visit Charlotte Heights, making them aware of the activities and classes available to them and their children.
• Form relationships with youth, ages 6th grade and down, and their parents that will ease the transition of these children from this group to the Youth Group.
• Provide continued encouragement and support to former Youth Group members as they transition to college and adulthood.

III. Teaching & Training
• Teach youth classes on Sunday morning or Wednesday night as coordinated with the Education Director.
• Work with the Education Director to develop a teaching curriculum for the youth.
• Look for and act upon opportunities to encourage and motivate mature youth who are not yet Christians.
• Be available to preach from the pulpit, if requested.
• Be available to teach classes of any age, if requested.
• Develop a young men’s training program to encourage participation in worship. This includes support of the Lads-To-Leaders program.

IV. Communication & Counseling
• Communicate effectively and honestly with the youth, their parents, the Elders, other youth leaders and volunteers, and the congregation as a whole.
• Communicate any concerns about specific youth to their parents.
• Be available to parents to discuss issues related to their child or the Youth Program.
• Coordinate counseling for youth who have specific problems or questions in any area of life, either personally or through outside sources.
• Provide correspondence to youth. Examples may include birthday cards, informational letters, reference and recommendation letters, baptism congratulatory letters, etc.

V. Administration
• Prepare and follow an annual budget for the Youth Program.
• Recognize that an average of 40 hours per week will be required to fulfill the Youth Minister responsibilities. However, the elders recognize that the actual number of hours may vary from week to week, with an average of 40 per week being the minimum. Charlotte Heights also recognizes that Christian ministry is a lifestyle, not a 9 to 5 job.
• Be available for regular office hours on Monday through Friday each week to assist as necessary with general office work or for planning for youth activities.
• Keep administrative records of the youth and youth activities.

VI. Other Responsibilities
• Work with area schools to make contacts with youth who are not actively involved in a church congregation.
• Work effectively with other church staff.
• Perform other duties as determined by the Elders.

Congregational Support:

The Charlotte Heights congregation recognizes that the Youth Program is not a one-man job. While the Youth Minister is expected to take a leadership role in the Youth Program, it is understood that the congregation must be involved in order for it to be successful. Therefore, the Elders and congregation will:

• Pray for the success of the Youth Minister and the Youth Program
• Encourage and support the Youth Minister as a leader in the congregation by assisting and being involved in the youth activities.

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