Preacher / Evangelist

Harvest Field Church of Christ

The Harvest Field Church of Christ in Omaha, Nebraska has been conducting a long-term search for the right evangelistic team. This congregation is energized and excited about the work. The congregation is known as a church plant that started in a garage and moved to a new space during the pandemic. The congregation is alive, growing spiritually, and successfully reaching the lost. The pandemic did not slow us down because we stayed focused on God and stayed together in person and virtually to encourage one another. We’ve stayed focused on the mission in front of us and God has provided the growth.

Please look over the linked job description and information to learn more details. If you want to be part of an encouraging work that is well organized, active, and unified on the work and Word you may want to check us out. Its important to note that we are looking for someone who is fully supported or willing to bi-vocational for a short time. The goal is to get the whole team of evangelist fully supported in the next five years. We currently have a preacher/evangelist working with the congregation since May of 2021. We are in the process of raising support and getting him full time. We look forward to talking with you soon!!Ap3MR-kSnMjHg7NVT_xhjmb6Uocz8g?e=bz2VMV

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