Sterling City Church of Christ

Preacher Needed

The Church of Christ in Sterling City TX. (Founded in 1906), is in in search of a full-time preacher. We are a small community of about 1000 people with an attendance of approx. 50-60 members.
We have been financially stable through feast and famine and can offer a competitive salary. In addition to salary, we provide a 4-bedroom 3 bath home and all utilities paid.
This community offers us the ability to grow our members with the right man in place. If you are a preacher that is willing to preach the Bible and can do so with respect, love and patience, we would like for you to contact us. We believe in speaking where the Bible speaks and remaining silent where the Bible remains silent. Applicant will be expected to be a part of the community and participate in things such as FCA and have a presence at the nursing home. We currently have a strong number of youth and would like to continue our growth in this area. This community is a wonderful place for a family and provides an excellent school system where scholarships are provided for EVERY child that attends.
Thank You.

Please contact

Tommy Wright at 325-895-0446 or feel free to email resume to

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