Newport Ave. Church of Christ

Ministerial Job Announcement for Newport Ave. Church of Christ

The Newport Ave. Church of Christ in Bend, Oregon, is a congregation of 35 people located on the Deschutes River in beautiful central Oregon. Bend is a small city of approximately 100 thousand people located in a scenically stunning setting that offers world-class outdoor recreational opportunities.

The congregation is seeking a preacher/minister with a B.A. or higher-level degree in theology or a closely aligned academic field. The congregation would consider financial and other assistance to an outstanding undergraduate-level candidate pursuing an advanced academic degree. Salary and compensation will be commensurate with education and experience.

The Newport Ave. congregation is seeking a talented, visionary theological leader who is progressively oriented and free from the restraints of traditionalism. He will be expected to connect with community leaders for the purpose of understanding the needs of the Bend community and how the congregation might address them. Although the congregation does not have elders currently, we are engaging in the process to establish leaders. This is a congregation with the ability to financially, emotionally and spiritually support a new minister desiring to come to our community to share in the work and growth of our congregation.

Please send application materials, including a resume, the names/contact information for three references, and a sample of a video or audio sermon to:

Newport Ave. Church of Christ
554 Newport Ave.
Bend, Oregon 97703

Digital application materials can be e-mailed to:

Inquiry pertaining to this announcement can be directed to Frank Parker at or by telephone: 541-977-2803.

This announcement will remain open through Sept. 1, 2022.

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