Lead Minister

West Main Church of Christ

The West Main Church of Christ is actively seeking a leader who does as Jesus did by talking to the people in their homes and communities. Our church family is seeking a visionary to lead the saved and the lost to the kingdom of God by guiding us and being involved with us.

Our Lead Minister will appreciate the rich heritage within the Churches of Christ. He will also envision a future not bound by tradition, but open to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. With a firm commitment to the Bible and a desire to apply its truth to the 21st Century, our new minister will provide leadership, instruction, and be a role model for a church that is looking to glorify Christ. Our Lead Minister will be first and foremost a man of integrity in all aspects of his life. He will be respected in his home, church, and community.

The ideal candidate is open to sharing the preaching duties in order to focus on being:
A Biblical Teacher
A People Person
A Relationship Builder
A Caring Disciple
An Active Collaborator

For further information about this position and to apply visit our website https://www.churchofchristmedford.org/

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