Full time Minister

Williamsburg Church of Christ


Please see the Williamsburg Church of Christ facebook page to apply for the position.

1. Preach the Word

As affirmed in 2Tim 4:2-5 – Preach the word in sound doctrine. He will reprove, rebuke, exhort with patience and instruction. 2Tim 2:15 – Will be proficient in the scriptures and able to accurately handle the word of truth. The minister is a humble bond servant of the Lord and member of the congregation. Working under the eldership’s oversight and guidance, he will collaborate with the elders on training and instruction that is needed for the congregation. Instruction will include Sunday morning and evening sermons from the pulpit as well as weekly classes.

Desired skills/capabilities:

(a) Five years or more pulpit experience

(b) Ability to preach/teach expository studies of the books of the Bible and “topical” lessons.
(c) Deliver well organized sermons and/or lessons with “application” points well thought out and clearly demonstrated.
(d) Ability to clearly demonstrate “personal application” in his own life of what he teaches.
(e) Teach classes as part of the adult education schedule in coordination with the elders.

2. Evangelism planning and follow through

As per our motivation and desire to evangelize in our local community, the minister will be a catalyst alongside the elders in planning and executing evangelism efforts. Such efforts will culminate in “honest hearts” hearing and receiving the word of God. Our desire is to be “planters of the Word” while God gives the increase (1 Cor 3:6).
Desired skills/capabilities:
(a) Previous experience in successful evangelism efforts of the Gospel
(b) Previous experience and ability to teach conversion classes
(c) Previous experience and ability in understanding various denominational doctrines and “leading” a potential convert to an accurate understanding of God’s plan of Salvation.

3. Counseling and Ministering

Work closely with the elders to meet the counseling needs of the congregation and to serve as a resource for the ministries of the congregation.

Desired skills/capabilities:
(a) Experience with a wide demographic including families with children as well as retirees

(b) Previous training and experience in counseling members. Normally scheduled in advance but may be conducted on a walk-in basis.
(c) Compassion and a willingness to visit members, and the sick or shut-ins.

(d) Ability to serve and/or assist the various ministries, advising and providing assistance as needed by deacons, teachers, and other ministry leaders

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