Crescent Heights Church of Christ

The Crescent Heights Church of Christ in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada is hiring for the position of full time evangelist/minister.
We are a congregation of 40 members and 2 elders with several visitors attending each week. Our congregation is diverse with different nationalities, various ages, and a good mix of both new and mature Christians.

Medicine Hat is a medium sized Alberta city that still maintains a family friendly environment. For over 60 years this congregation has continued to spread the gospel in the city of Medicine Hat.

Any applicant must have God’s word as the foundation in their life and teaching. We are looking for an individual/family that is willing to immerse themselves in a family environment and continue to take the gospel out to this community.

Please send your resume to the hiring committee at: chcc@thehat.ca

You can see more information about us at: https://mhcoc.weebly.com/

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