Community Evangelist

West Cherokee church of Christ

Small church of Christ seeks a full-time evangelist in Cherokee County (and surrounding
areas), Georgia to spread the Gospel and help grow the congregation. This role is 100%
community evangelism without a need to prepare weekly bible study lessons or sermons. The
person is expected to be a member of the sponsoring church and share in the same rotational
duties (including lessons) as the other men.
The person will be accountable to either (1) the elders, or while none are in place, (2) a two
man team providing guidance. The ideal person should have 5 to 15 years of experience
working as an evangelist, guided by the unerring Scripture, but unbound by tradition and
dogma and open to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. A multi-lingual skillset is a plus.
This is a full-time paid position which is fully funded for the first two years. Salary is negotiable
but will be commensurate with experience and the geographical area.
Office-type space is available as needed at the local building for studies and maintaining a
presence to the public.
This role involves:
1. Finding individuals in the community interested in studying the Word. The
person will need to be innovative and creative in identifying such individuals.
Door knocking is not expected to be the primary mode of contact, but not to be
dismissed either.
2. Working with members of the congregation to train and encourage them in their
personal evangelistic efforts;
3. Setting up convenient study times with interested individuals which may be
outside of normal work hours (nights, early morning, etc…);
4. Locations for studies should be in public areas and/or the local building. Studies
in private homes or locations is not preferred as this could lead to undesirable
5. Following up on correspondence;
6. Establishing known time of availability to the public;
7. Covering a geographical area comprised of Cherokee County and surrounding
8. Conducting oneself with the highest level of integrity and Christ like behavior to
not hinder or distract from the Word;
9. Any other activity required to spread the Gospel.
10. Reporting results and activity to either the elders (if in place) or the two man
11. Be willing to accept guidance and direction from the elders (if in place) or the
two man team to further the effort.

If interested, please contact with a letter and or resume
expressing your interest, experience and availability.

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