Associate Minister for Spanish

church of Christ in Falls Church

Church of Christ with English and Spanish assemblies seeks bilingual pulpit minister. Applicant would serve as primary pulpit minister for Spanish-speaking congregants of the church of Christ in Falls Church, Virginia, who assemble, worship and study the Bible primarily using Spanish language. Perform all duties and functions ordinarily carried out by a minister of the Gospel for congregants and worshippers, including Bible classes and pastoral care. Serve as primary evangelist for the Spanish speaking congregants. Perform limited but similar responsibilities for the English-speaking members, congregants and worshippers. Coordinate joint assemblies. Serve under the leadership of the church’s Elders. See QUALIFICATIONS: Fluent in English and Spanish. Baptized believer, who is not a recent convert. Degree in Bible or Ministry from accredited higher-level Bible college, seminary, school or institution. Meets qualifications as a deacon. See 1 Tim. 3:8-13. Three years' experience is a plus. Church will make application for religious visas, if necessary.

Send resume and cover letter (including email address) to Church of Christ in Falls Church, P.O. Box 1036, Falls Church, Virginia 22041. Questions: 703-820-1346 or email:

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