Graduate School Finances

Tuition and Fees

There is no admission fee to apply for Sunset’s graduate programs. To apply, fill out the application on and have your references send their reference letter to Terry Fanning, Academic Dean, at

The course tuition rate for Master’s Degree programs is $75.00 per credit hour ($225.00 per course), and the tuition rate for Doctoral Degree programs is $125.00 per credit hour ($375.00 per course). Course tuition must be paid for a course before a student can begin his/her studies. Pay tuition online or contact the business office at (806)788-3236 to pay course tuition.

There are fees due in connection with graduation. The current graduation fee is $100.00, with possible additional fees due. Contact the Graduate Dean or the Sunset finance department prior to graduation for complete graduation fee information.

Students are responsible for all book costs and expenses related to short courses.

Refund Policy

Any course not completed by the end of the given trimester or the period of Incompletion assigned by the instructor will be assigned a failing grade. Uncompleted coursework must be taken again for passing credit to be given. No tuition refund will be given, but a $100 credit toward future coursework will be available for all incomplete or failed courses.


The SIBI Business Office manages all payments of tuition and fees. Pay online or contact them at (806)788-3236 to make payment arrangements.