Focus Northeast

Focus NortheastThe Vision

Taking the Whole gospel to the Whole world to make people Whole in Christ. The ten states of the Northeast (Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania) are the primary target area for this kingdom work. The aim is to put in place a functional system which will empower the gospel and the people of the gospel in this region of the United States.

Some goals for Focus Northeast are listed here:

  • Networking – There is not presently an active network of congregations in the Northeast that share SIBI’s vision for the region. This is because the congregations are typically small in size and number as well as spread out in distance. Focus Northeast will work to establish a better network of individuals and churches.
  • Leadership Development – Encourage the congregations in the region to seek out future leadership within their own groups. Find the “diamonds in the rough” and empower them to begin leadership development through the SIBI resources.
  • Congregational Strengthening – Research the strengths of the regional speakers and promote them to other congregations of the region that might benefit from their seminars. Try to take advantage of some of the great speakers and teachers from our area. Encourage the stronger congregations to assist the weaker congregations that might not have preachers or elders. Avail to them some of the Bible and preacher students to come and assist. This will not only help the smaller congregations, but will also serve as a valuable exercise to develop their skills. If needed, network some of the other Sunset speakers to come to larger, organized regional events like marriage seminars, leadership and evangelism campaigns.
  • Church Plants – Because the churches are so far spread out in the NE region, the ultimate goal would be to strategically plant more congregations in between. With the infrastructure of networking, the leadership training and the congregational strengthening in place, there would be a natural tendency to expand the kingdom throughout. Find the congregations which are flourishing in both growth in leadership and in conversions. Encourage these congregations to utilize this in planting another congregation nearby. Instill the same vision to the new congregations so they will multiply even further.

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