Preaching Ministry Emphasis

Congregational Ministry

The public proclamation of the Word of God has always been at the heart of Sunset’s training. In the residential school, students take courses covering the entire Bible, along with various ministry and Bible-related studies. Gaining this knowledge is important, but it is our conviction that the Word must be preached and taught or it is just sterile knowledge. The faculty at Sunset has years of experience in preaching and teaching throughout the United States and in many foreign nations. This wealth of practical knowledge enables the instructors to teach and challenge students for successful ministry. Having a faculty that has been there and done that adds to the effective training available at Sunset. Studying here affords our students the opportunity to learn the what and the how-to of Biblical preaching. Through daily chapel, Sunday preaching opportunities, and interaction with faculty and classmates, students gain additional assistance in their development as spokesmen for God.

students get the opportunity to preach in chapel as well as area congregations

Every student in the Biblical Studies program takes Introduction to Homiletics, a beginning course on the principles and practices of preaching, including a survey of the minister and his personal life. Emphasis is given to the study of homiletics, the role of the preacher, and the preparation and delivery of biblical sermons.


Students take one practicum in Christian communication each term. The practicums are designed to help students become more aware of the variety of preaching forms and to practice them in several speaking assignments.

  • Confident Preaching
  • Fundamentals of Preaching
  • Expository Preaching
  • Topical Preaching
  • Effective Teaching I & II
  • Preaching from the Old Testament
  • Special Events Preaching


Students who choose the Preaching Ministry track will take four courses designed especially for ministry in the American context. Each course looks closely into a specific area of ministry.

Spiritual Leadership
is about the characteristics of leadership, the need for leadership in the Church, problems confronting church leaders, and leadership from different perspectives.
Church Growth
looks into tri-dimensional growth patterns found in a healthy, dynamic, and growing congregations of the Lord’s people. Each dimension is essential if the church is to accomplish its God-given mission.
Advanced Homiletics
is an advanced course in the study and preparation of sermons, including a deeper study of the various types of sermons. The course is designed to equip the student to preach more effectively and creatively. Major emphases include enhancing communication skills and increasing organizational strategies.
Congregational Ministry
examines the work of a minister in a local church setting in the United States. Major emphases include the minister’s work, his interpersonal relationships, his response to ministry stress, and his personal life.