Christian Interpreter Training

Interpreter Training

Interpreting during worshipNo matter in what town, city, state, or country you live, there is one thing that they all have in common,  Deaf people. These individuals depend upon signs in order to communicate in their heart language.  It has been estimated that there are over 500,000 individuals in the United States alone who use American Sign Language as their main form of communication. It is also reported that only one (1) out of every 50 Deaf individuals have ever heard the Gospel message. Meaning that 98% of Deaf know nothing about Christ!

Now more than ever we are in need of men and women willing to step up and learn sign language as well as the Word of God so that they can become effective interpreters to the Deaf community.

One blessing of Deaf Ministry is when you meet a Deaf individual, they will help you open the door to other Deaf in the community. This opens the door for you to reach out to their hearing family and friends. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Are you willing to answer the call and meet the need of ministering to those whose voices are silent as they cry out for help? Become a Christian Interpreter for the Deaf today!

Sunset also offers classes for Deaf men and women that want to learn more.

Level 1: American Sign Language
Beginning ASL 1
This is an entry-level American Sign Language course that covers the first half of Tom Humphries, Carol Padden, and Terrence J. O’Rourke’s book: A Basic Course in American Sign Language. This course builds students’ vocabulary while teaching important grammatical features.
Beginning ASL 2
This course is a follow up to Beginning ASL 1.  Students cover the second half of the book: A Basic Course in American Sign Language. This course provides students with basic conversational skills in ASL.
Religious Signing
Students will focus on ASL vocabulary prevalent in religious settings. Students learn and practice the art of interpreting hymns, scriptures, and devotional thoughts. This course culminates with students interpreting a song or verse during SIBI chapel.
ASL Storytelling
In this course, students watch videos of ASL storytelling. These videos demonstrate different aspects of effective ASL storytelling. Students then create their own stories while utilizing the various storytelling skills taught in class. Students also practice their receptive skills while voicing for Deaf storytellers.
Level 2: Emphases Classes
ASL Idioms
Students are taught the art of interpreting English idioms into appropriate ASL equivalents. They learn hundreds of ASL idioms unique to the Deaf community.
ASL Interpreting
They learn vocabulary specific to the various fields in which they may be required to interpret. They learn to tailor their interpreting styles to match the tenor of each setting. Interpreting assignments will help to solidify new information presented in class
Deaf Culture and Ethics
This course focuses on a historical overview of the American Deaf community and its evolving culture showing that deafness is a culture and not a disability. An overview of ethics for Christian Deaf Interpreters.
Conversational Sign Language
We will be following some foundational concepts from Willard J. Madsen’s textbook on Conversational Sign Language as well as helping students study and incorporate a range of interpreting themes.