Biblical Studies

Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI) is an accelerated—yet comprehensive—two-year ministry training program. It is especially suited for men who are eager to begin serving the Lord but need in-depth biblical training and ministerial equipping.


New students are admitted to the program at the beginning of each term, but most begin in August or January. Each school year consists of four terms lasting eight weeks each. Each student is required to complete eight terms before they are able to graduate. Sunset is in summer recess during June and July.

One of the blessings of receiving this training and equipping at SIBI is that there is no hourly or enrollment cost to the student. Students will enter ministry without an educational debt. Each student is required to provide for their own housing and expenses during the two years. Most students receive financial assistance from congregations and individuals who want to support preacher training and development.

Charles Speer teaching class

Sunset’s training staff is second to none. The instructors are seasoned educators with a wealth of knowledge acquired through many years of studying God’s word critically, years of ministry work in local congregations and mission fields around the world, preaching gospel meetings, teaching seminars, and serving the church in a variety of ways.

SIBI has a history since 1962 of dedicating its heart and energy to preparing men to take the glorious gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the lost around the world and to strengthen the churches of Christ with the truths of God’s Word. While many souls have been saved by the power of the gospel that has been preached by Sunset’s graduates, and many congregations have been encouraged to let their light shine among men to the Father’s glory, Sunset’s fervor for training men has not diminished. Therefore, SIBI continues to look for new men who have a fire in their bones for preaching the gospel and building up Christ’s Church.