Our Purpose

Sunset Seal

“Training Whole Persons to Communicate the Whole Gospel to the Whole World, Wholly to Please God”

Students in ClassTraining

We are in the business of training people to serve Jesus Christ, and we believe that the quality of any training depends on the quality of its instructors.  No teacher can effectively train others to do what the teacher has never done. Sunset teachers have distinguished themselves in educational achievements, but even more importantly, they have excelled in living virtuous lives.  They have also been actively involved in leading lost souls to Jesus and building spiritually mature and active churches all over the world.

Evangelistic campaigns, ministry internships, workshops, chapel lectures, faculty mentoring, counseling, student orientation, and mid-course evaluations complete the curriculum.  The effectiveness of our training program ultimately stands on the fruit shown in the lives of our graduates.

The value of a training program also grows from the quality of its curriculum.  The Sunset ministry training program is described in academic circles as non-traditional.  The typical Sunset graduate from the basic ministerial training program will have completed four years of traditional training in just two years of study.  The Bachelor of Biblical Studies student will have completed 120 hours of:

  • Forty courses in biblical text and ministry applications covering the entire Bible including four elective courses in one of the following fields of study: Family & Youth, Congregational Ministry, or Deaf Ministry
  • Eight preaching lab courses to develop the public proclamation skills of the student
  • Practicum in which their ministry skills will be exercised, refined, and developed

Senior Sermon Trent Herbert

Whole Persons

We do not wish to send sick and wounded people into the harvest fields of the world, therefore we are committed to developing men and women of spiritual and emotional stability.  We want to develop people who exhibit attitudes of faith, love, humility, integrity, and other virtues in their lives demonstrated in the person of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Spiritual wholeness is required for one to have credible influence among those who need to hear the message of Christ.

To Communicate

We do not want our graduates to leave with a mere knowledge of Christ.  We train men and women in the gifts and skills of communication so that they can effectively share their knowledge and wisdom through preaching, teaching, and example.

chapel BibleThe Whole Gospel

Our curriculum is designed to give the student a comprehensive knowledge of the whole counsel of God,  His entire eternal purpose as revealed in scripture.  The whole gospel was prepared and predicted by the inspired writers of the 39 books of the Old Testament.  This gospel is revealed, interpreted, and applied by our Lord through the Holy Spirit to the church and to individual Christians in the 27 books of the New Testament.  Thus, the Bible is the principal textbook and center of every course taught at Sunset.

To the Whole World

The school has the word International in its name because it is dedicated to the evangelization of the whole world.  Jesus commanded that His church preach the whole gospel to every nation under heaven.  Our faculty and students have carried the gospel to over 113 nations and to every state in the United States.  Branch schools have been established in nations around the world.  Our External Studies division provides a “school without walls.”  It is not hindered by any state or international boundary in spreading the word through audio, video and DVD courses, and online.  Our purpose is to cultivate in every student a love for the lost of every nation, religion, race, and culture.

School of Mission Students

Wholly to Please God

Sunset exists for one purpose—to train people of God, to do the work of God, wholly to please God.  We strive to do His will and not our own.  We are in the business of training whole persons to communicate the whole gospel to the whole world—wholly to please God.  To Him be the glory both now and for eternity.